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I have been active in the arts community for the last 50 years. I was born and raised in Sacramento where I began my artistic career. While in Sacramento I studied under Ken Waterstreet at Mira Loma H S.
After moving to Southern California in 1977 I continued to work in oils and began to paint south western and cowboy scenes. In the eighties i developed a love for surfing and began to paint aquatic themes. The Save the Turtles Foundation of California and Baja California commissioned me to create their “Save the Turtles” poster for the awareness of this endangered species. Since then I have painted many aquatic pieces depicting sea turtles, dolphins, and fish and sea creatures.

I also owned the 101 Diner and E street Cafe in Encinitas, California. My restaurants became my gallery to showcase my work. E Street Cafe, where I show my work, became a gathering place for artists, musicians, poets and activists, from the San Diego area. The restaurant also showcased many skilled and prolific artists, such as, Paul Verburg and Francine Filsinger and Manuelita Brown. Many talented musicians created the best open mike in San Diego. Live music was preformed nightly.

I worked with the city of Encinitas on community projects to beautify our town. I was selected by a juried committee to showcase my works in Encinitas City Hall and other places in Encinitas. In addition I credited banners that were displayed along the famous 101 Highway in North County of San Diego.

I have recently moved back to Sacramento . Here I’ve had many private showings and working on new artistic endeavors in this area.

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Sacramento, California